Here are our picks for the top ten WooCommerce plugins for your e-commerce store

Unlike any other available CMS, WordPress is one of the most popular and versatile platforms for developing any website. You can easily create any site and improve its functionality with many plugins and extensions.

Likewise, WooCommerce is one of WordPress’s most popular eCommerce plugins to develop a full-length eCommerce store.

Thanks to WordPress flexibility, the best feature of any online store can be provided by a large number of Woocommerce plugins and extensions. You can also build a functional eCommerce shop that meets the standards of the well-established Amazon eCommerce giant, with the correct Woocommerce plugin.

Why and what are you supposed to consider Woocommerce plugins?
Although many other platforms, such as Wix and Shopify, are available. But the functionality of these platforms is limited, and there are finite extensions.

In WordPress, by incorporating payment buttons, adding products and the checkout page directly, you can transform a website or blog into an online store. Thanks to WordPress and the high usability of plugins, all this can be possible.

Woocommerce is likewise a free WordPress tool that can turn any website into an online e-commerce store. Although the core plugin is free, adding plugins and extensions to improve its functionality is possible.

Yes, you heard it right. You heard it right. You can add a plugin to the plugin using Woocommerce. Woocommerce makes this unique integrating feature a complete solution to every Web site of eCommerce.

As no technical knowledge and complex coding are required, any beginner can easily sell their product online with the help of Woocommerce plugins.


Points to take into account when looking for Best Woocommerce plugins

The WordPress directory contains lots of Woocommerce plugins. However, what is the main concern? You came to know what additional features and features your e-commerce store will need when you instal Woocommerce on your WordPress.

You actually want an online shop that only sells digital items, provides coupons, membership fees or sells courses online. Like these, Woocommerce cannot provide a lot of other features.

So where should you look for the best Woocommerce plugins that improve the overall experience with woocommerce?

Take into account some of the following points:

  • Note the entire purpose of your site: Note:
  • Look out and choose your website with a modern appearance and design for the right Woocommerce themes.
  • Get in the shoes of the client that they will need to buy a product seamlessly on their website.
  • If the theme lacks some features, look for Woocommerce plugins and extensions that fulfil all the needs.
  • Some plugins have been paid for, and some have been paid free, and decide which plugins are best suited to your needs.

Therefore, it will be necessary for you to decide what features will best work for your online store and how they will affect the whole customer buying journey from the above points.


Best Woocommerce plugins to improve the experience of your online store

Woocommerce is a free core WordPress eCommerce plugin. Therefore, your budget does not have an impact. However, typical eCommerce stores need Premium web hosting for a smooth and fast experience.

But you do not initially want to run an e-commerce shop using a premium hosting service. Because on a new site, the traffic will be low, and as the traffic grows, your shared hosting won’t be able to maintain it. At that moment, you can think about moving to more efficient dedicated e-commerce hosting.

Likewise, a real web store is running. It would benefit if you had some premium plugins to provide some out-of-the-box features. However, to do this, you have to pay some money on some premium plugins. And some are totally free of charge. Which you will be get to know below:


1. YITH Woocommerce Wishlist

Image with a Clickable Link

YITH Woocommerce Wishlist is a fantastic Woocommerce plugin that replicates the “Favorite” feature found on some well-known eCommerce websites. It is available for free. Any product can be marked as a favourite or added to a wish list so that it can be purchased later.

When the user is checking out products or browsing, the product in their wishlist will remain visible on their screen as a constant reminder. Marketers use this algorithm to increase their sales and try to complete the sales funnel as quickly as possible.

Key characteristics of the YITH Woocommerce Wishlist

  • Increases sales by reminding customers about their favourite products, which they have previously marked to purchase later on in the process.
  • You can create a wish list by selecting a specific page from the website.
  • With the help of a shortcode, you can display “Add to wishlist” anywhere on the page.
  • Users have the option of creating as many wishlists as they want.
  • Can set product price variations in the same way that Amazon does.
  • You have the ability to send as many promotional emails to users as you want to be based on the products on their wishlist.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of YITH Woocommerce Wishlist


  • Increases the number of sales
  • It is simple to incorporate into any page.
  • The design of the Wishlist page is simple and attractive.
  • This is not appropriate for small websites.
  • Advertisements can be found in the admin dashboard.


  • Pricing for the YITH Woocommerce Wishlist
  • A free version of YITH Woocommerce is available for download from the WordPress directory. However, while the free version is functional, the premium version is a more powerful tool that improves conversion rates and scalability of the system overall. The Premium version is available for purchase for $94.99 – $299.99.

In what ways can this plugin improve the user experience in the Store

The YITH Woocommerce Wishlist plugin is not intended for use with every eCommerce store, and it is especially not intended for use with new eCommerce websites. Because they have less traffic and fewer products at the start of the season. As a result, the chances of conversion are extremely slim.

With a high conversion rate, the Wishlist plugin is most suitable for eCommerce websites that are well-established and receive a large amount of traffic.


2. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips


Woocommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips is one of the most liked and widely used Woocommerce plugins, with a high number of downloads. Invoices and packing slips are required by a wide range of online businesses to conduct their operations.

This is not possible in the Woocommerce platform. The most notable feature of this plugin is that it allows you to generate invoices, attach them to the customer’s email, or print a copy to include with the product you are shipping to them.

Not only can you generate invoices, but you can also generate packing slips, which can be used to ship packages in bulk or individually to your customers.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Key features

  • Emails with invoice attachments are sent automatically.
  • It’s simple to create and download Invoices and packing slips are required.
  • Create packing slips and invoices for large quantities of goods.
  • Invoice and slip templates that can be customised
  • Format that is available in multiple languages


  • The free version comes with advanced features.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • It is simple to use
  • When compared to other plugins, this software is relatively inexpensive.


  • There haven’t been any significant drawbacks discovered yet.
  • Invoices and packing slips in PDF format for Woocommerce Pricing

Woocommerce PDF invoices and packing slips is a free and open-source plugin for the WordPress eCommerce platform. Since it is free to use, you can get it by visiting the WordPress Directory and clicking on “Download Now.” In the event that you require additional features, you can purchase their premium extensions, which range in price from €59.00 to €249.00.

In what ways can this plugin improve the user experience in the Store?

Woocommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips is best used for those onlines stores that provide drop shipping or ship their own products. Furthermore, it is not reliant on or affiliated with third-party shipping companies.

It is the most suitable plugin to generate invoices for customers and email them through their emails and provide customers an environment of trustful and professional online sales service.


3. Woocommerce Multilingual


To bring your online store multinational, the Woocommerce multilingual plugin is one of the best Woocommerce plugins that fix the language barrier. The plugin is so user-friendly, that the customer can change the language of the site and even the fiat in just one click.

The multi-language plugin is one of the best online store practices to bring a better user experience. Not just for customer convenience, but it also helps increasing international traffic that can generate good revenue.

Woocommerce Multilingual Key features

  • Effortlessly put all products and pages of woocommerce
  • The same language will continue until check-out once the language is selected
  • Send emails and customers in your language
  • Tracking inventory in product languages without changing
  • Multi-currency gates for payment based on locations
  • Multilingual trade advantage and disadvantage


  • Great customer support friendly to the user
  • Most themes support regular updates and bug fixes.


  • Large Database Bit heavy plugin slots the server
  • Multilingual Woocommerce Pricing
  • Woocommerce Multilingual is a totally free WordPress plugin for download. But the WPML is a paid plugin and the price starts at $29 to $159. However it does work.

How can Woocommerce Multilingual improve the experience of the shop user?

Brands that want to grow their business worldwide and attract international customers. The multi-lingual Woocommerce plug-in can be highly advantageous if multinational consumers are to shop in their own languages internally and conveniently.


5. Woocommerce product import-export


A large product database for your store is extremely tough to manage. It is very difficult to manage and save the price, pictures, product descriptions and reviews of each product during exporting.

Therefore, Woocommerce import-export is one of the most useful Woocommerce plugins which reduces complexity and easily helps to import products.

Product Import Woocommerce Export Key characteristics

  • Products for export-import (single, multi, group, or external)
  • Export reviews – Easy to import
  • Change the product database during import and make changes
  • FTP server import-export files
  • Import files directly from URL Provides an automatic import and export schedule
  • Export for woocommerce Product Import Pros and Conditions


  • Use easily
  • Large database easy to handle
  • It takes less time to import and export
  • Unbelievable support for the future
  • It does not support sometimes Arabic text issues UTF-8
  • ACF inputs not known
  • Pricing of Product Import Export

This plugin offers a free version of WordPress and only allows the use of simple Woocommerce products. However, you can choose your premium plan from $69 to $199 per year for import-export products to import both simple and variable products. And for product export-import, $129 to $299 per year.

How can the import of products for woocommerce improve the user experience of your online store?

It enables thousands of products to be managed better. Best suited for large websites managing large product databases with product pictures, meta descriptions and price details. All this can be done in easy exportation – it takes less time to import CSV files.


6. Cart Woocommerce

Woocommerce Menu Cart is an adaptable Woocommerce plugin for use with the most popular available eCommerce plugins. It is mostly used for the supply of an eCommerce website menu cart button that many topics have not provided.

This occurs when you use subjects not specifically designed for woocommerce. However, it’s not always the same case. There are also some eCommerce issues that don’t provide a navigation menu cart. Sometimes, therefore, you need to add an additional feature like a plugin menu cart.

Cart menu characteristics Woocommerce

  • Takes less than one minute for full configuration
  • Let your own CSS be personalised
  • Always show or only if there is a piece in your cart Provides only items, price or both are displayed.
  • You can specify button to float on the left or right of the buttons.
  • Conversion into fully functional non-compatible ecommerce themes.

Pros and Cons Woocommerce Menu


  • You have to configure less than a minute
  • Support in several languages
  • Suitable for most ecommerce plugins
  • Fast assistance


  • CSS is not free of charge
  • Cart pricing for the Woocommerce menu
  • You can download the Woocommerce menu cart from the WordPress directory free of charge. But you have to upgrade to their premiums from €29,00 to €129,00 to benefit from further features.

How do you improve the user experience of a Woocommerce Menu cart?

This Woocommerce plugin is ideally suited for anyone planning to sell online products on their website or blog. You can also add this plugin if there is no menu cart button in the navigation menu in your current site subject.


7. Currency Switcher WooCommerce


Woocommerce Currency Switcher is one of the most-liked multi-currency plugins in the ecommerce store. It enables users to change the product prices by selecting from the drop-down currency list the desired currency. It helps users to see prices of various products in real time based on different locations.

This plugin displays all the product prices in international money formats when installed and activated which are very advantageous to international customers.

Currency exchange key features of Woocommerce

  • Offered as a widget
  • Three different formats of design
  • In their preferred currency customers can pay
  • Notified of changes in the currency rate by email and if necessary change
  • Automatically or manually specify currency rate updates
  • Change the symbols for money

Currency switch Pros and Pros for Wooocommerce

  • Currency modifications with the visitor IP address Free version available
  • Friendly interface for users
  • Three widgets integrated (Currency switcher, converter and rates)


  • Limited currency display for the free version
  • Currency exchange rate for Woocommerce
  • woocommerce Currency Switcher Free Version is now available free of charge to download and use from WordPress Directory. But If you want to enjoy more features, you can download it from CodeCanyon Directory at $34.

How can your website be improved by Woocommerce currency switcher?

Woocommerce currency switcher provides users with the capability to change currency as per their location and complete transactions in their currency format. Thus, using this Woocommerce plugin, you can increase international traffic and provide a convenient checkout process.


8. YITH woocommerce Compare Screenshot


Over the course of several years, Yith has created several excellent woocommerce plugins and extensions. It is one of the best plugins developed by them for any online store that allows customers to compare products on the same page.

After installing the plugin, go into the product configuration and set each woocommerce attribute for each product you want to compare. Then click on the compare button. A pop-up window will appear, displaying the products that were compared side by side.

Yith woocommerce key features are compared and contrasted.

  • The ability to automatically open the modal window whenever a new item is added.
  • The ability to add a product to the comparison table from the product detail page and/or the Shop page.
  • Products and comparisons are displayed in two different styles: link and button.
  • Choose the product fields that will be included in the comparison table.
  • This widget displays a product image in a widget form.
  • The ability to choose the size of products in the comparison table is provided.


YITH woocommerce Pros and Cons Comparative Analysis Pros

  • There is a free version available.
  • Installation and implementation are simple.
  • Exceptional assistance
  • Beginner-Friendly Design


  • Include obnoxious banner advertisements.
  • Not all browsers are compatible with this feature.
  • Compare YITH woocommerce pricing options

YITH woocommerce Compare, like other woocommerce plugins, is available in a free version that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory. Beginning merchants or those who have just launched their online store will find the free version to be sufficient.

However, if you want to take advantage of all the features, you can upgrade to a premium package, which starts at $69.99 and goes up to $209.99 per year.

What are some of the ways that YITH Woocommerce Compare can help you improve your online store?

YITH Woocommerce Compare is the most appropriate woocommerce plugin for comparing products that have the same features as the original product. For example, your customers will benefit from the addition of the ability to compare two products at the same time on the same page, making it easier for them to find the best deal.


9. Woocommerce (WooCommerce is an online store)


Woocommerce’s best payment gateway plugin is the best solution for all online payment gateway solutions. Stripe Payment is one of the most widely used and widely installed payment gateways, and it is used by the majority of eCommerce websites.

By default, Woocommerce does not include any of the popular payment gateways that are available on the market. Because of this, Woocommerce Stripe payment is the best solution for providing your customers with a seamless eCommerce transaction experience.

Key characteristics of the Woocommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

  • More than 20 countries are represented. STRIPE is used by store owners and merchants.
  • Allows you to accept payments directly from your customers through the Stripe API.
  • Local payment methods to reach customers everywhere
  • Support for faster checkout options on mobile and desktop devices
  • Better protection of fraud and 3D security support
  • Easy surveillance and reporting
  • Payouts immediately

Pros and Cons

  • Gateway for Woocommerce Stripe Payment
  • Quick installation and installation absolutely free Good support
  • No monthly fees and installations


  • Third-party cookies are discarded
  • Updates have bugs
  • Payment gateway price for Woocommerce Stripe
  • Without a premium version, you can download this Woocommerce plugin absolutely free.

How can the Payment Gateway from Woocommerce Stripe improve your business?

Stripe is a very popular payment gateway that should be available for all eCommerce websites. It not only increases online sales and adds an additional option for online transactions.


10.Woocommerce hub


Hubspot has become one of the most powerful tools for any online store with its integration with Wooocommerce. As we all know, Hubspot is one of the largest available CRM systems for the success of eCommerce in its entirety.

HubSpot can help you generate leads and assist with different marketing campaigns, be it for e-mail marketing, segmentation, customer tracking and much more.

Woocommerce HubSpot key characteristics

  • Sync your HubSpot storage data to WooCommerce
  • Manage your customers and orders in a simple CRM
  • Track and recover abandoned carts for customers
  • Create and send your guides and customers beautiful responsive emails
  • Build Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google advertising campaigns Create informative reports about your customers and orders to track your business growth.

Woocommerce Hubspot for pros and cons


  • Free customer synchronisation and data creating coupon codes.
  • Completely automatic workflow
  • Support for multi-store
  • Creating leads via abandoned cart
  • Great support for the contrary


  • Not an opt-in newsletter check function
  • Hard plugin Quite.

There is a fully free version of the WordPress directory available and there is not yet a premium version.

How can HubSpot improve your store for Woocommerce?

A better woocommerce plugin for lead generation and online sales improvement. This plugin can e-mail customers and force them to convert via their deserted cart. You can even do e-mail marketing to generate more leads via performance and analysis reports.



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