Three Great Advantages of Instagram Shops



We think that any company should be using Instagram to help in both visibility and relationship building. As many as 50% of Instagram’s users follow at least one company, which makes it highly relevant to marketing.


Instagram’s biggest update in 2020 was Instagram Shops, a vital component for any company that plans an Instagram business strategy.


So what is Instagram Shops?

It’s a feature that allows businesses to upload their product catalogue and tag and promote products within a post, story, or a “Shop” tab that appears on your Instagram profile. Clicking on the tagged product links customers to your website for information and ease of purchasing.

The tag limit is five products per image, or 20 products in a carousel. Clicking on the tag brings up data about the product such as the name, weight, photos, and additional details.


A Step-by-by-step Guide to getting started with Instagram Shops

When you build an Instagram Store using your Facebook details, you will need to have setup ‘Facebook Shop Up’. Products in your e-commerce system are all kept up to date when they’re made available on your Facebook page, so syncing them to Instagram is as simple as attaching a sales channel to your Shopify account.

When your products have been uploaded, your journey with Instagram Shops is ready to begin! There is only one product post you must publish on your Instagram profile to switch on the Instagram shopping tab’s ability. Perhaps more obvious, ensure your Instagram account is set to a business profile if you want this feature.



The Advantages of Using Instagram Shops

Instagram Shops has plenty of benefits, but we believe the three most important ones that are exclusive to the app are the ones written below. 

It should be apparent any company who wants to maximize their engagement and their conversions on Instagram Shops, regardless of the scale of their enterprise -must be using Instagram Shops. According to Bigcommerce, brands have seen a record 1416% increased in visits coupled with a 20% rise in sales while having the Instagram Shop feature activated. In addition to the supplementary increase in sales and traffic, the following companies can also expect from using the Instagram Shops features include:


1- Letting users discover your product easily

Social media is a digital distribution channel where customers go and find fresh merchandise. To provide more in-depth and on-the-the-fly details to your customers, your Instagram Stores allow faster purchases. AdEspresso’s findings show that approximately one out of three users have purchased after having found a new product on Instagram’s platform using the Shop feature.


2. Creating more authentic advertising

Consumers are now looking for more authentic shopping experiences. To embed user-generated content in your brand, you can now tag products to specific user-generated posts. It shows the customers the actual product being used in everyday life.


3. Increasing Engagement

It is in a company’s best interest to achieve social media engagement and enhance brand recognition as they post on Instagram. When you use Instagram Shops, people interested in your product can see all the relevant information; giving your brand a more significant opportunity to engage with your users!

Now that you know how vital Instagram Shops is and how it can leverage your brand to increase sales. Why not get in contact today? We’re one of the UK’s top eCommerce firms, so contact us at or call us on +44 2038 143 444 and find out how we can make your social media presence better through our social media management packages.



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