The Importance Of Branded Product Packaging

Package design contributes towards how clients see your company and in extension, your brand name. Enticing packaging design can leave a positive impression, which could ultimately lead to brand retention and possibly sales. Branded packaging is also an extension to your general brand image, which makes it a vital part of any company. You need to engage your customers with thought-out branding on the product packaging. It is important you can offer the proper information to your consumers before their purchase, visually. In this post, we discuss the significance of product packaging style in reinforcing sales and increasing the presence of items.

First Impressions

How do you differentiate your item from the competitors? ‘Shorr’ product packaging, a business that offers a range of packaging solutions, carried out an e-commerce client study in 2016. They discovered that 44% of consumers would buy again from an e-commerce store partly due to the packaging. Good packaging style (branding) and function offer a better client experience. Not only that, but those who received product packaging that wasn’t easy to open were also a dealbreaker for customers too.

So, if you’re offering in a brick-and-mortar environment, your product packaging style is the very first thing that a prospective client will see on the rack. Your consumer might make their first impressions about your item and your business based on how your product packaging looks and feels. Have you heard the saying, “judge a book by its cover?” Although the total worth of your item isn’t determined by its image, this is the very first (and in some cases only) possibility you need to win over a client.

Product Packaging example
Product packaging example from Pressed juice drinks. Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash.

Product Packaging is Marketing

Think about your product packaging with the same method you think about marketing and branding. Brand name identity gets in touch with customers on two fronts: Producing a clear impression of a company and a product to a brand-new consumer. Advising customers about the brand name and the items provided. The packaging is among the key tools in specifying and sharing brand identity.

Does your bundle simply display your company logo? Does it utilise your business colours, typefaces and hallmarks? If not, it is time for a redesign. So, with just a look, your product’s product packaging has the power to create a new effect and/or rekindle an old memory. Not all packaging is designed the very same, but this is the something they all follow. According to the Paper and Product packaging Board study, switch to cardboard or paper if you wish to have premium packaging considering that 63% of consumers perceive that.

Yorksaw discovers that bold and brilliant colours are the trend in 2020. It’s a method for brands to protrude from the competition. Without these strong colours, some might fall back. Consider where your item will be offered and use this as a guide in developing your plan. Consider things such as font styles that will make it readable from a distance, or colours that will make you stick out from the rest. Fonts also hold weight in branding, but that is for another article.

Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks is a great example of a successful coffee brand. They offer distinctive packaging design that is recognised globally. Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels.

Clear Messaging

Aligning your brand with your packaging is essential, and small details such as fonts make a huge difference. Serif font styles are thought to present elegance. Meanwhile, sans-serif ones are those that interact informality. If your logo design or typography doesn’t fall under any of those classifications, you can use sans serif or serif for other details in your items.

For instance, if your brand name has a brilliant colour, which may recommend joy, your item packaging should show that too. If it’s on the cool side, your custom-made packaging ought to likewise have the same messaging. Design your plan in such a way that it can be updated or changed in case you wish to add variations to your items. To make your packaging versatile, we say to begin with your audience. Who’s your audience? Would they accept cardboard or another environment-friendly option? How would you individualise your product packaging? How would you make it user-friendly?

As mentioned previously, you need to ensure that performance is part of your product packaging design. Professional graphic designers understand their craft and they can provide you with a package style that works. Do not settle for less when it concerns your packaging, as poorly created ones, can break you. Your product packaging can produce an excellent impression and can also develop a bond that will keep your customers keep coming back for more. Apple is an excellent example of how they have developed an exciting, high-quality and fresh experience for their customers. There are many aspects to consider to make your packaging special to your clients. Packaging may seem complicated, but in the end, you need to keep in mind that you want to provide the best service you can offer to your customers.


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