Content that can be Shoppable is the Future of Video

The boundaries between shopping and entertainment are changing, the future of e-commerce is evolving. Companies can now use video to streamline purchases with shoppable video content as a media source. This blog post will examine the definition and its relation to consumers, brands, and advertisers.


An introduction to shopping entertainment

Shoppable entertainment refers to video content that contains interactive points of contact. This allows viewers to select and buy an item in the video instantly. It is the future of e-commerce, and the subsequent major social media channels need to adapt to it. China’s presence has been gradually growing worldwide, with this format showing a lot of success.


Although this content was predicted to impact shopping online, it was quickly adopted and effective due to the recent and continuing rise in video content consumption. It set the stage for people to do more than watch – to join and assimilate. Consider that retail behaviours worldwide are shifting, with mall culture changing to online and mobile shopping. Whatever the industry, brands find ways to make their products both shoppable and entertaining, from showrooms with 360 degrees to streaming fashion shows, displaying galleries of products, and hosting online pop-ups and live performances through video content.


These touchpoints are tailored to different channels to turn them into something shoppable, regardless of the video you make and share. Over time, we have seen this evolve, concentrating on the mobile shopping experience, from social media tags to QR codes. The secret to the successful production and delivery of this content distinguishes the numerous other online videos.


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The experience of the customer reimagined

Shoppable videos offer the function of ‘click to purchase.’ For many years, the material the consumer has consumed has affected people buying decisions. For example, people follow suit and buy a similar product when they see a specific style or brand in a film.


With this, you can see and buy something quickly while you watch it. The customer trip is shortened. These posts are available on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media giants. The number of countries and expansion plans are already in progress. It shows how customers want the retail online to be seen and experienced.


The days in which a flat picture is sufficient to attract a sale have elapsed – consumers want to view and connect with the product. With this functionality, you will enable the consumer to buy or find out about the product provided directly by enabling this feature for your video content. It enhances the scope and connections between a brand and its consumers. As a result, this increases sales, as it decreases the client’s need to search for or visit the product.


Video content marketing and branding

These videos show your brand and extend it. The medium offers companies a variety of opportunities and links to their audience in a new way. When well delivered, the customer experience can be greatly improved. However, the video needs to be attractive, and these shopping points need to be integrated seamlessly. The shopping element has to be naturally appropriate, and the process must be complete quickly and easily, and then have the ability to allow the consumer to continue watching the show. 


This idea is linked to influencer marketing for a large number of brands. Since the principal moving force of these videos is crucial, this way of sale is achieved by those who can produce and encourage quality and desired content. It is where people see this content as their inspiration and do direct shopping in real-time.


Marketers would need to deal with these kinds of videos creatively to maximize customer loyalty and satisfaction. Personalization is one of the easiest ways to do it. Although this makes it more challenging to create, produce and distribute this video material, the effects can be exponential.


Marketers are responsible for deeper links and their desire to say new heights of shoppable entertainment. Most of the popularity of this model is focused on the perceived appeal of the brand and the video that directly impacts sales. Some models of success include the launch of original episodic content that combines interviews with interested people and goods.


Are you ready for shopping entertainment with your audience?

To be one of the leading companies in the video content industry, book a session with us at MORF to boost your reach and sales through shopping entertainment. The idea can be strategized, and the video output is managed for you. For you, we are going to create videos where people can pause, buy and play. Watch this film, produced by Ikea for an appetite for the marketing of shopping videos.



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