The definitive guide to creating a killer social content calendar

How to create social media content that holds people’s attention without them scrolling? Social media is critical to both your clients’ and your brands, helping you build long-term relationships with like-minded people, drive traffic to your website, and help people get a taste of what you do.

To stay up to date with the latest digital marketing practices, we as a digital marketing agency in Bournemouth have embraced search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) as of late. We’ve got some fantastic tips for helping you stay on top of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond.



Prepare a basic template

A well-designed template serves as the core of any social media strategy and aids with keeping all tasks in order. You have one central calendar to plan all of your social media posts for different social networks in one place. The calendar’s level of detail depends on the features you’d like to include and whether they work best.


Come up with content theme ideas

It can be challenging to set up a social content calendar at first. Deciding where to begin can be difficult. Breaking content concepts down into a few key themes can help. New product releases, company updates, and day-to-day company life can all be covered. In addition to national holidays, many special calendar days are fun and great for getting everyone talking. #NationalFriendDay? Do an event with your team, then take a picture with your coworkers, which is an excellent excuse to have fun with your team. This will have a positive impact on employee morale as well.


Don’t just rely on intuition

It would be best to begin researching once you know the types of content you would like to write about. Posting helpful information online isn’t just a great way to benefit your followers; it’s also a great way to learn more about your industry. To keep our audience informed of the latest SEO, PPC, and social articles, we’ve written new articles about search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, and social media and tell our audience about anything interesting we find. You could share tips from conferences or events you’ve attended. Topics that are on the rise are all the more fun to engage with. Immerse yourself – what will capture your attention while you scroll?


Keep in mind the frequency of your postings

Consider how often you want to post, when you should post, and whether you want to be particularly active on various platforms before you write social media copy. Look at the timings of multiple platforms and see if there are types of content that perform better at specific times of the day. Quantity is rarely better than quality. Don’t feel compelled to post just for the sake of it; instead, post content that you believe your audience will find helpful. If you leave an ad-hoc amount of space open, you’ll be able to provide any creative ideas that come to mind or anything interesting happens that you want to tell others about.

Remember that you will have to plan and schedule your content as well. Would you do a lot of posting, bulk scheduling things across the month?” Or will you perform this task every two weeks or on a weekly basis? Hootsuite’s scheduling tools are very convenient and time-saving. Sit back, relax, and let posts automatically appear on your Facebook page. Having fun with it is the most important thing to remember. Try different things, discover your style, and see what works best for you.

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