The 5 Benefits of PPC Advertising

Firstly, What Is PPC in Marketing?

PPC is “pay-per-click” online ads, which is used to drive web traffic and conversions through paid digital advertising. Conversions can come in any form, including a sale, a phone call, an email, or anything on your business’s objectives.

‘In regards to online ‘pay-per-click advertising, the leading provider is Google’s Adword. The service works by promoting the product or service at the best moment when a customer is specifically searching for it. Microsoft’s advertisement platform, Bing Ads, positions the ads utilising the Bing Search Engine.

PPC campaigns vary significantly in price. So strategic bidding on PPC is essential to go as far as possible for the company without increasing costs. An auction operates like a marketing search engine; the more terms there are in a query, the more favourable the rate per click would be -thus being the most expensive.

Curious about PPC ads?  Then you have come to the right place!



What are Google Ads?

The Google AdWords option allows marketers to bid on keywords to be shown as an advert, and often above, the organic search results.  Any time you search Google, it determines the best results for your search results and conducts an auction between all the advertisements competing for a place on the list. Key to the auction winners is the price that was paid for the search phrase (which we call the “keyword”).

It is imperative to provide PPC as part of your marketing strategy, which accounts for 85% of all queries and 40,000 queries per second.

How to create a successful PPC campaign?

A cost-effective pay-per-click marketing strategy is essential to a profitable PPC campaign.  It’s challenging to create a fruitful PPC campaign, but it’s the best strategy when completed. According to WordStream,  64.6% of people search Google Ads while hunting for what they want to purchase.

As a measure of how successful Google AdWords campaigns are, one factor is their Quality Score. One primary aspect of quality score is the landing page experience and the click-through rate of the ad (which depends on the relevance of the ad to the keyword). You must thoroughly optimise your campaigns to bring your advertising to the top of the Google search results. Another approach is to use factors like the landing page and ad copy to influence how Google rates the ads.


How does PPC benefit a business?

Having a budget for PPC has a massive impact on businesses and brands. If you’re starting to understand just what PPC can do for you, we’re sure you’ll want to know what benefits successful PPC can add to your business.


5 Key Benefits of PPC:

1. Gain more brand recognition

Brand recognition is a given when you open a Google AdWords campaign (that could be one of your goals).  By having ads appear in Google search results, your brand will be right in front of potential customers.


2. Quick impact

Once you create a Google Adwords campaign, you can expect to see speedy results. Once the ad is created, you’ll see how effective your keywords are and how high up you’ll rank.


3. Advertise locally or globally

You may choose to advertise particular regions and specific demographics in Google AdWords. The potential market for advertising can be a particular region or region where you may target a different consumer base.


4. Choose a budget that suits you

AdWords campaigns give you the ability to set regular budgets, meaning you will never go beyond the limit.


To calculate the return on investment

Through PPC creative advertisements, you will see just how many people react to your ads. Besides watching ROI, you can monitor experiences and clicks as well. If you can understand this technique, you can adjust the strategy accordingly.


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