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Water Cycle

Water cycle landscape


Breath taking design has always been at the forefront of what we do and this water cycle abstraction is no different. An informative illustration that also acts as a piece of art. In this piece of work, MORF was challenged to research and use a range of design techniques to visually communicate how the water cycle works as an A2 poster. The emphasis in this piece of work was to identify data that could be sourced and seen to be interesting to visualise.

Sunset above the clouds


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We planned out what this 3D graphic would turn out to be using a cartoon themed designed which was friendly and inviting to view.

Font & Colour Exploration
iMac Mockup
Illustration progression example
Illustration progression example
Water cycle top half
Water cycle bottom half


Most visual water cycle explanations are dull. This water cycle abstraction sets the bar by staying informative whilst also being displayed in a fun, creative and visually stunning way.

Water cycle illustration

The Client's

We have never seen such great detail in a piece of work. With a short deadline, we needed an infographic poster designed for our museum. It was important that it was clear to understand and perfect for our young audience.

Water cycle illustration client headshot
Joanna Edward
Manager, iScience
Water cycle illustration


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