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Panda Access
Web App

Pand access login page mockup


An in-house project aiming to solve a digital agencies problem of password storage. The web-based application allows for multiple users of differing account access to manage agency and client passwords. This was a challenge with only 2 weeks to design and build the entire platform. With so many different types of accounts and login details an agency needs to store, a purpose-built solution was the best fitting digital solution.

Key points: Cloud Access, Share easily, Encrypted system


Services operated
on this project

Bespoke Branding
Web Development
Online Marketing
Print Design
Media Production
Digital Startups
UI & UX Design
App Development
Web Development
UI & UX Design
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MORF built this web-based application with secure user logins designed for the ever-evolving agency life. Users can be added and removed by a super-admin when joining or leaving trusted positions within the company, meaning client information is always as secure as possible.

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The final piece is a lightweight platform designed to be used on a closed system in-house. It caters to storing every type of user account including logins like social media, server details and more.

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Panda Access Macbook

The Client's

We needed a password management system for our in-house team. Thankfully MORF had the tech and design skills to pull off such a great job! Having only 3 weeks to produce it was a great and really shows us their dedication to their work.

Panda Access client headshot
Karen P.
Managing Director, Panda Co.
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