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Real Estate

With prominent real estate, LIFHORN offers an abundance of experience, neighbourhood communities and universal reach, conveying the most ideal outcomes for Australian living.


With a pioneering background of real estate, Lifhorn contacted MORF to see if we could give their online presents the upgrade it deserved.


Services operated
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Bespoke Branding
Web Development
Online Marketing
Print Design
Media Production
Digital Startups
UI & UX Design
App Development
Bespoke Branding
Web Development
Media Production
UI & UX Design


Lifhorn came to MORF to see if we could give their brand and online presents that they deserved. Using the most modern technology for media production, we used drones, 360 cameras and other pieces of equipment to capture the building and all of their glory. From there, we designed LIFHORN a slick, new and exciting website that correlated well with the new logo branding.


Stringing all of the design & development work together for Lifhorn, they have seen an increase of brand-awareness and engagement. Their brand as a whole is more professional and continuative, offering a simple, user-friendly feel across multiple platforms.

The Client's

The proprietors of Lifhorn were very content with the result they had received. "MORF completed an incredible occupation in ensuring we had the ability to be with our clients with clearness. What they have do is extraordinary and I would prescribe them to anybody."

Steve C.
Managing Director


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