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CallWho Texting


CallWho gives users the ability to load up their accounts with credits, and use them to chat 1-to-1 with celebrities. Whilst still in its early stages, explaining the concept was something that the CallWho team wasn’t sure how to combat.

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Call Whoo promo video still image
Call Whoo promo video - unlocking user
Call Whoo promo video - Earning credits


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App Development
Media Production
Hand Drawn Storyboard


MORF started from the basics with storyboarding & scriptwriting. We then went digital with it, creating 3D phone renders of the app to show the interface and a professional voiceover actress explaining alongside.

Hand Drawn Storyboard
CallWho Storyboard
CallWho Storyboard
CallWho Storyboard


Drawing on our video editing skills, MORF created a short explainer video for the app with voiceover narration. The end product was a simplistic, modern and informative promotional video that CallWho used on their official app website.

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The Client's

The video fits perfectly; the team was able to make exactly what I wanted to be included. Overall we were satisfied with the level of customer service from MORF and the level of bespoke work that went into the video.

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Charlie Hounsell
Co-founder, CEO


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