Let’s concentrate on improving your company’s My Google Business page

When you hear about a business, there are two ways you can react. First, you may search the business on Instagram to get a sense of the company, or I Google them to locate the hours, reviews, and photos. When it comes to business owners’ Instagram presence, many know the importance of keeping it current. But My Google Business Page- it’s a different story.


So, what exactly is it?

Google My Business is a section of the Google ecosystem that helps small businesses. Potential customers can find your business through search engine optimisation by searching for the relevant details such as your opening hours, reviews, photos, and more.


What do I need to do?

Now that you have a better idea of what customers will see when they visit your Google page, we will go over a few of the basic expectations you should meet. Bump up your Google page with basic details such as hours of operation. If, for example, you own a garden centre, customers must be aware of your specific opening and closing times. These hours can also change on holidays like bank holidays and religious holidays. Google has an AI that automatically updates your schedule on special occasions, only requiring you to input your hours once. Some businesses need to consider their core hours as well.   When angry customers call in to complain about your opening hours, you’ve reached the end of the line. Now that you’ve considered everything else think about your core business information.

To scale your business and keep your current customers happy, your name, address, and phone number must be accurate. This research shows that, out of the people who haven’t connected with your company before, the majority will try to get your number and address using Google. Since your Google business information should always be up to date, this means your website and other third-party sites’ information should be correct as well. Although the exact areas you operate will differ from business to business, it is still essential to ensure that your business information, such as “service area”, is accurate. It’s necessary to make sure that you do deliver the promised goods and services. If you do not, Google will let your customers know via search results.


In this part, I want to highlight two more things that you can input to customise your My Google business page.

Business descriptions are one thing, and business attributes are another.


Both of these are essential to conveying your business to others. One of the few places on Google where you can discuss why your business is unique from competitors is your business description. While it’s not always necessary, we encourage you to use free Wi-Fi, free parking or discuss how your products are eco/vegan/environmentally friendly.

The other half of this is helping your business to stand out by offering various distinct features. You can attract the attention of others by including photos of your store or listing the unique services you provide. As before, there are many avenues open to explore; spend the time investigating all avenues to their fullest.


Anything else I can do?



When customers search for a business, having a logo and graphics that are well designed helps them to locate the company.



Adding products to your business profile will increase in-store traffic and your e-commerce store’s click-through rate. As you’ll need to name each product and input relevant pricing, this could take some time. Showing off your best products is a good use of time if you’re selling a few hundred items or aren’t running Google Shopping campaigns.


And, of course, reviews

You’ll get both positive and negative feedback when you put your business online. Respond to every single review you get on your Google page. Bear in mind that your responses will be public, so others will be able to see how you react to criticism.

A good Google My Business page is no less important than a good Instagram page in the eyes of a business. No matter what you may think you need help with, feel free to get in touch with one of our team members today.

If you need a hand with your online business, in particular with Google My Business, get in contact with one of the teams at MORF, and we’d be happy to help.



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