Coronavirus Contact-Tracing Apps

Recently, there have been efforts by technology companies working alongside governments to deliver solutions that quickly identify people who might have been exposed to the

Asda’s Queuing System for Coivd-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus has created a multitude of obstacles for the retail/supermarket industry Many of us have experienced for the first time in our lives having to queue to get

Green Energy Boost Post COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, I have personally had a lot of time to reflect on, well, life One thing that I have realised throughout this worldwide turmoil is

Facebook Shops to Support Small Businesses

Facebook has made a major announcement to help small and medium-sized businesses shift their sales online Recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Shops allows businesses to build online stores

The Importance of User Experience Design

A User Experience (UX) designer’s task is to create an item that offers the finest possible user experience How does that occur? Well, it begins with a great deal

A Simple Guide To Chatbots

Eager to begin creating your own chatbots? Who would not be? As soon as you get beyond the initial fear of letting a bot assist you, the

Helpful Tips Anyone New To SEO Should Know

Lately, we have discovered that more and more bloggers and content developers are returning to the old technique of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  This old method suggests

Pay-Per-Click or Social Media Advertising

Until recently, numerous advertisers viewed Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in an adversarial way It can be a hard decision about which platform is ideal for a specific company’s