Clubhouse: The next big social media platform?

The Clubhouse platform is part phone call, part Houseparty, part chat-based social media network.


Users can listen to conversations with exciting individuals and guests.

However, the clubhouse app is only open to members who have been invited. And it’s not that easy to join. Although, when you have been invited, you may choose any interesting subjects, such as technology, books, businesses, or health to follow. The more details you give the software, the more recommendations or chatrooms it may suggest.

To give you an understanding of the app- Clubhouse is like a phone call in a small way, although some people participate and others listen. If and when you join, you will have the opportunity to take part in the discussion before it is time to finish the chat. Unlike Twitch, or live videos that are on YouTube, live voice chats vanish when the chat is finished.

Clubhouse is all about expressing your feelings through audio. When you get inside, you will participate in conversations that already happen or start discussing something yourself. The pastime is similar to attending a podcast where you will discuss about or interact with other people.


What exactly is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a free social network built on the basis of audio communications. Via Clubhouse, we can really see that people’s attitude towards certain conventions has changed. Within the app, you can see people going in and out of a room at any moment when they are socialising. The host of the room will also inquire if you have questions. This app guarantees a variety of free public events for people.

The timing of Clubhouse’s arrival couldn’t have been any better. Social apps have been launched before, but never in this generation where we are used to loneliness and screen exhaustion (thanks COVID). There’s something new and special about the medium, and one way to use this tool is when commuting or cleaning dishes. You would likely see individuals speaking and meeting for the first time in a rather relaxed setting. Besides, this might make things sound more personal with others.



WHO has joined the application?

Right now, minimal participants. The software is only available to a trial community of iOS device owners.

You may be enjoying the benefit of listening with artists Kanye West, EMINEM and Dr Dre  alongside comedians Ricky Gervais and Kevin Hart. Elon Musk and Ashton Kutcher are Hollywood celebrities and entrepreneurs. Not to mention excellent company leaders, entrepreneurs, environmental professionals, designers and educators.


Here are a few guidelines you ought to be aware of.

This is just a beta version of the product at this point. The app allows participants to express their opinions freely, but each participant is eventually expected to demonstrate courtesy. When holding an event, the hosts can consider the event’s title, the number of participants they have planned for, and how to control the speakers.

The host is also expected to clear the channels and reset the room. Normally the open-stage dialogue usually lasts for 2 hours with 30 minutes for each guest, but hosts must make a schedule well-orchestrated to make sure no one person dominates the conversation.

If an audience member has something to say, they can lift their hand using the button that can be triggered when needed. It is totally up to the audience to welcome you on stage.

Be warned: you must silence your microphone until you are invited to the line. Since ZOOM, you are likely to toggle the mic off immediately anyway (hehe).


What is the future of the Clubhouse?

If you start using emerging technologies early, there may be bugs. The big problem with this application is data protection. This program rule requires users to switch off recording devices before recording. Nonetheless, users have recorded the occasional chatroom resulting from this.

Other debated aspects of the app are moderation and interface architecture. There are no clear recommendations for how to moderate the discussions effectively. Some users reported they have been prevented from opening or administering rooms for any purpose due to having different perspectives. Despite that, the software has no algorithmic buffer to spot offensive words; thus it is only the hosts’ who police what the users are saying. Therefore, hate speech on the internet could quickly find its way through the system.

Another area of concern for the app is connectivity. For people with auditory or speech disabilities, using the software would be difficult.


In conclusion

Brands want to enter markets where participation is becoming more widespread. Of course, not every viral move would succeed. In a vast world of new technologies, brands should consider more effective, engaging, and long-term solutions. Clubhouse is a venue for specialist talks but not an appropriate venue for promoting a brand.

Your discussion would be more interesting if you let the audience ask the questions themselves through this platform. Brands profit from communities because they earn credibility, acceptance and input from customers. Clubhouse is quite an attractive method to demonstrate the identity of the enterprise. We may also challenge and argue against other individuals but with voices. Networking at Clubhouse will help you make new connections with people who work in your field. It is possible to use this platform to become an influencer. The more users you will send invites to, the more your followers can increase quickly.

Understanding the data is more crucial. Entering the activities of the Clubhouse, in-app ads or a subscription-based advertisements model of Spotify, YouTube and Twitch will be a way to generate income from Clubhouse. Let’s see what the long-term could bring!



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