How The Infamous Lockdown Of The Coronavirus Rendered The ‘Zoom Age’



Two days after lockdown started, we noticed how rapidly people’s opinions about technology had changed.

Many of us no longer had the freedom of option. To communicate with colleagues, you must have had your phone or computer.

Lockdown had removed the luxury of choice for many of us. If you want to see your colleagues, it had to be on screen.

Whether it’s client meetings or company discussions, we could get together quickly without being in the same room – and there’s a good chance that is going to stick once this is all over.



We know that Twitter employees have been instructed never to return to the workplace, and Cambridge University lectures have decided to keep their classes on the internet until the end of the school year.

Mark Zuckerberg has said that up to 50% of the workforce could be working from home in the next 5-10 years.

The tech giant’s head of virtual reality, Andrew Bosworth, demonstrated a fully immersive workspace of what a mixed reality workspace – a combination of the real world and digital images – might look like.



‘Reliable sidekick’

At least among those who have connections to adequate broadband, the internet infrastructure has coped pretty well.

For some experts, it is argued that the internet has to gradually be recognised as a public service; alongside those such as power and water.

John Graham-Cumming, from the security firm Cloudflare, claimed that Cloudflare experienced three to four regular spikes in traffic throughout the day.

“If you think about the internet as a utility, can you think of another utility that could sustain 50% growth [in traffic]?” he said.

“The net has been a reliable sidekick through all this.”

And, really, it has.

Nadella of Microsoft claims we’re undergoing a global revolution over the next few years as we seek to be connected and keep track of what is happening after the pandemic.


Tech alternatives

We have already seen interest and goodwill coming in new approaches to the quest for technological answers: will this be the moment drone deliveries finally take off? Reach mass adoption and online indoor gyms thrive, or could this be the day that people find the welfare out of home workout equipment to be over-hyped.

Time will tell if the lockdown effects are the beginning of a new age.

For software to be a game-changer, it must be consistent, reliable and, therefore, totally unremarkable.



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