Having a live chat on your website offers these five benefits

For a few years now, many large corporations have provided live chat support to their customers. The majority of customers (53%) prefer to communicate via live chat or instant messaging. No one wants to be on hold for more than 20 minutes anymore; answers are expected to be provided immediately. This is one of the reasons why having a live chat has so many advantages.

So, what are some of the ways in which a live chat can benefit your company?


1. Respond more quickly to generate more leads

Having a live chat available on your website has been shown to aid in converting site visitors into leads. If you operate an online store, this is a critical step in increasing your revenue. The use of live chat on a website has been shown to increase the likelihood of a customer making a purchase by three times. Simply by reaching out and offering assistance, you have the potential to convert a visitor into a lead and ultimately into a customer.

Visitors are more likely to make a decision if they have an instant connection, which live chat provides. A sales team member can also assist customers who are on the fence about making a purchase by persuading them to do so. When it comes to this, the possibilities are incredibly tangible.


2. Get a leg up on the competition

According to statistics, implementing live chat software will also give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, as only about 10% of all websites currently use live chat software. Not only will this assist you in providing better customer service than your competitors, but it has also been shown to increase trust among potential customers.


3. Establish a relationship of trust with customers

When you walk into a physical store, the retailer has the opportunity to establish a personal relationship with you during the sales process. This assists them in establishing trust and closing the sale. However, you are unable to do so online.

Consumers are understandably wary of purchasing items from people they do not know or trust. It’s in our nature to do so. When you use a live chat service, you can have a direct conversation with your buyer, which allows you to build trust and bridge the gap between online and offline transactions.

In the business world, trust is critical to the success of the enterprise. If a buyer does not trust you, they will not provide their contact information or share their personal information with you or anyone else.

Customers understand that they can rely on your company to assist when they require it. When a customer actively seeks answers and is successful in obtaining them, they will be grateful. They will also begin to regard your company as trustworthy as a result of this.


4. Improve the quality of customer service

The average customer service representative can handle up to three chat sessions at the same time. This means that they can assist three times as many customers as they could with a phone call or an email combined. Indeed, live chat allows for much more rapid interaction than either of these other modes of communication. Communication is made simpler, more rapid, and more effective as a result of this.

Live chats appear to be more beneficial to small businesses than to larger corporations. Customers will be happier if they can communicate with them via live chat, regardless of how many employees they have.

A higher customer satisfaction rate is directly related to a shorter time to resolve a problem.


5. Increase the quality of your information

It is critical to keep track of the topics that visitors are frequently inquiring about. Visitors who repeatedly inquire about pricing or policy should be taken advantage of as an opportunity to update your website. Live chat is another excellent method of receiving feedback. You can use this feedback to fill in any information gaps that may exist. Every company can benefit from gaining a better understanding of its customers.

Because all chats are typically archived somewhere within the platform, even if a company does not discover a problem right away, they still have the opportunity to do so. Pain points, as they are commonly referred to, are always present. Businesses will benefit from actively utilising live chat archives to identify and correct any issues, which will help them improve their practices.


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