Email Marketing in 2021 – 10 Top tips

At least since the beginning of the internet, everyone knows about the tactics of email marketing. For example, in 1978, the Marketing Manager of Digital Equipment Corp Gary Thuerk was the first to launch a mass emailing campaign. Thurman issued a mass mailer promotion and made a staggering amount of $13 million in sales for their DEC systems. From this, everyone knew that email was an effective means of marketing.

The era of repetitive and “spammy” email marketing arrived in the mid-90s and lasted through the early and mid-2000s.  As faceless as they may have been back then, companies started sending out too many “sales”-oriented emails. As a result, marketing emails began to lose their effectiveness. Marketers needed to adopt a new approach; segmented, personalised, and finely targeted campaign strategies in 2010 were introduced.


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With personalisation, automation and highly targeted emails campaigns, email marketing returned; this time, email marketing was extremely effective. In a survey conducted by eMarketer in 2013, segments and automation increased the rate of email click-throughs to 50% over standard methods.

With the introduction of Customer Relationship Management software such as HubSpot, email automation, personalisation, and segmentation has become even easier to implement. Through CRM platforms, businesses can now track and measure results, resulting in improved lead generation, improved conversion, and better customer retention.

This kind of email communication and marketing forms part of today’s Inbound Marketing strategy.  This type of approach provides valuable data to customers with information that they actually want to be informed about instead of the spammy email marketing of the past.

It is not enough to simply type out an email and a large audience and ask them to purchase; the message must be strategically crafted, and content developed to prompt actions. The goal of any email campaign is to help your recipient achieve a specific purpose, and if your recipient doesn’t read the message, find your call-to-action and doesn’t locate your message in their inbox, your efforts have been in vain.

Where do you start in the modern era of email marketing?

By following these ten helpful tips, you may improve your email open rates, click-through, and lead generation.



Here are ten tips to try for email marketing in the year 2021.


1. Email Workflows

The lead contact should be reached with the right message at the right time and in the right way. When you’re at the top of your prospect’s email window, the lead generation time is short. Sending an email to a candidate within 24 hours after acquiring their information is also essential.

Using automation as part of this approach is necessary in order to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities. For example, HubSpot, personalised and automated emails are created by being added to a list, viewing a specific web page, or clicking a link in an email.


2. Get Personal

Send emails from a person, not a faceless brand.

As a result, you will see a sharp increase in open rates if you send real people’s information. As opposed to an email sent from work, recipients are more likely to believe that the email came from an individual, so they will be more likely to open and respond to them.

Remember: A/B testing is crucial for your business’s ongoing growth and your brand’s continued success.


3. Don’t forget to preview the text

Don’t waste any opportunity to deliver your message.

These platforms, including Gmail and Outlook, show the first few lines of the email before users can even open it.

The platform will supply content from your email body that will appear disorganised if you do not provide a text preview. But with your preview text, you can produce custom content that will likely impact whether or not the user opens and reads the entire message.

This section can be used to give a quick and to-the-the-point summary of what you have to offer in the email. Keeping this content under 50 characters should be a best practice.


4. Engaging Subject Lines

Be Clear, Honest and Concise.

Keep your subject lines creative and exciting. Your readers will not only click on them more often, but they will be more interested in opening the email and keeping it, which increases your open and click-through rates.

Also, bear in mind that when you’re trying to come up with an email subject line, you’re up against many others in your inbox when you make your best subject. More precisely, to stand out from the crowd, you need to generate subject lines that have strong reasons for the user to click, and for this, your subject lines must be effective in capturing attention.

Try to write effective subject lines that your target audience will click on and open. Make sure that your subject lines are:

  • Accurate and to the point.
  • Nothing over 50 characters should be sent in an email subject line; attachments of less than 50 characters will cut off by particular devices.
  • Use tone and language that your consumer is used to and relates to.
  • Make use of action-orientated language that creates excitement and a sense of urgency.
  • Present an offer that your products/services as something of value to the customers.
  • Do not say things like “save “or “Cash”.

A study published in HubSpot’s annual conference report provided statistics were taken from emails received between March 2020 and August 2020 and discovered that 200 million of them were open and useful.

This was discovered in the research conducted by HubSpot: subject line open rates increased for 30 days and one word(s) were most influential:

  • Free
  • Today
  • Last Chance
  • In Stock
  • Month
  • Tomorrow

These words instil urgency in the user: Only one time is needed to take advantage of this offer, and it is when they feel as if their very life depends on it. The same study discovered that short subject lines experience question topics showed a 27% increase in open rate, while long lines only achieved a 29% higher open rate.

In essence, make sure your keyword/phrases are distinguishable; your subject lines are relevant and direct and keep your subject lines short.


5. Be Concise in your messaging

Very few people are interested in reading long emails.

Nowadays, no one wants to receive a long email. Most people prefer straightforward, focused emails that get to the point quickly. This is because people generally choose to browse email rather than concentrate on the details. To make your message easier to grasp, you want them to be able to scan the body of your writing quickly.

Try to address the email conversation as if you were speaking to a person. Use short paragraphs and bulleted lists to help your reader keep your email shorter, rather than long strings of text to overwhelm your reader.


6. Include an Easy to Identify Call-to-Action Button

Direct the reader to take action.

What’s the reason for your email? Is it to get a contact to download a free ebook?  Buy a product? Contact a salesperson? The way your email is intended to be used, make sure that the reader knows how to respond to it. A call to action is required.

Your recipient is most likely to skim your email, as stated above. It is also critical that you have a distinct button, as it should be easy to locate. Your recipients will not be able to benefit from this button without it.


7. Make your Images Clickable

Hyperlink all your email images.

Attached to every email marketing campaign’s goal is to get the user to perform a specific action (be this a lead form or website page). It is a proven fact that hyperlinking can significantly increase your click-through rate without overdoing text or copy.

For example, you can include an image of your book cover in the email communications to motivate them to download it. Instead of having the hyperlink “Click here to download”, the picture can be clickable. In general, people prefer to click on images, and visually compelling ones do the best, so use image links.


8. Create a CTA above the fold

Place at least one clickable item above the fold.

The objective of email marketing is to get as many clicks as possible. The email’s main point was to include a call-to-to-action button and that we should make the images clickable. Also, keep in mind that you want at least one above-the-fold on every email.


9. Stay up to date on top of social media.

Social media and sharing buttons should be included.

If you want your email to stand the test of time, you can incorporate social media links into your content. Many email programs have built-in social media features, which makes implementation simpler. Make your emails shareable, and increase your lead count via social media.

You can also have your social networking connections in any text, letting them that you are part of the business community. Social credibility can naturally expand the business’s opportunities for involvement and community building.


10. Monitor and Measure Results

Track your performance in a marketing campaign.

What works for one email receiver doesn’t work for another person, and this is why checking your email open rates and click-through rates is important.

If you use data collection as the basis for all your promotions, you will track their progress and use that information to help your marketing staff optimise future initiatives.

Use the content that your email recipients engage with to plan and run A/B experiments to meet your needs.

An analytics approach is critical to the email campaign and should include it. Without analytics, you’ll never know whether you’re making progress or not.

It is estimated that the majority of users receive a high volume of communications. How can you make yours stand out? Using the following could be helpful:


Emojis in your subject line and preview text

CAPITALISED content within your subject line. Just one word in a longer sentence can make all the difference.

In Conclusion

MORF believes and understands the influence of strategic inbound marketing. Overall, we feel email marketing has improved over time – at least, the best for us!

In short, if you put in the work to attempt your email promotions, you will gain more contacts in years to come.

Do you need a constant supply of eligible sales leads for your business? Digital marketing is the future. We are here to help you get there.



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