Can Facebook and Apple’s social ads conflict impact your business?


If you’ve made an effort to stay on top of things in the world of technology, you’ve seen Apple and Facebook at each other’s throats.

Any of the world’s leading tech companies are making lines in the sand. However, things that have escalated to the war of words due to the recent publicity is nothing new.

Most of Apple’s marketing campaign is devoted to becoming the “Privacy Organisation.” Though this is undoubtedly true, you also know that the vast majority of your privacy is gone as soon as you download software like Google, Twitter, or Amazon. If you religiously use Apple’s services as long as you use Photos, iCloud, and iMessage, then you are safe.


Apple exposing all the ways Facebook tracks you with it iOS app is really quite something.

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) December 16, 2020


In general, the number of people who are aware of this is relatively small. As the iPhone community has been more sensitive to their privacy, they have built up higher trust levels in such entities compared to Google’s likes to store pictures on their servers. But the customer’s preferences are not going to improve soon. When both the EU and the American Congress have plans to split up big business, Apple has decided to take things into their own hands.

By April, 2021, Apple had already made a clear statement. According to the App Store Review Guidelines, ‘Nutritional’ labels must be shown on all applications to show what data is needed for the app to run.  Suppose an app wants access to your pictures, location data, contacts, or Bluetooth. In that case, it can only use them for purposes for the app’s function.  However, people now have an opportunity to see and understand where and why their personal data is being used.



If you examine the image above, you will see the big gap in the number of data pieces, popular messaging platforms use. Sequentially people benefit because they can see just what data an application is asking for.

As you can see, Facebook doesn’t benefit from this shift. In order to discourage apps from collecting information about their users from other apps without their permission, Apple is including additional privacy disclosures on all app downloads as well. For Facebook, this may mean both reduced ad revenue and an effect on small businesses that advertise on the site.



So, we have to wonder, will this privacy war affect your business?

It’s not easy to say if or small companies would be affected whether Apple provides consumers with the ability to run without cross-app monitoring. Many people use Facebook because there is plenty of data available for tracking. Suppose you have tried to run ads over the last few weeks. In that case, you will have seen an automatic pop-up declaring that Apple might harm business with iOS14, and you need to take specific steps to ensure your ads still run. 

Though Facebook seems to be straightforward here, the updates to their privacy policy may prove far more damaging to their financials in the years ahead. Facebook predicts they will not see the impressive 22% rise in advertising sales growth from 2020 because of Apple and will not sustain this increase. If this is somewhat right, 2021 would eventually see a significant transition. What we are witnessing is now occurring is only a little blip on the radar.

”Apple may say they’re doing this to help people, but the moves clearly track their competitive interests. This dynamic is important for people to understand because we and others are going to be up against this for the foreseeable future.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Most social networking platforms succeed with little data taken from their customers. Mark Zuckerberg’s business model means there is a clear expense of making corporations like Facebook grab everything they can. This has happened several times in the past, so there is little cause for a surprise as Mark Zuckerberg claims it is the future. We must see the overall frame. Though Facebook and Instagram continue to grow, they are losing to the East; the tables are beginning to turn in the global arena of social media marketing. For a while, the firm continued to generate sales and user development based on new markets. Still, these numbers are starting to dry up. A new wave of young people are moving to TikTok and already famous social networks, including Pinterest and Twitter, only gain popularity every day.



What can you do?

We have not seen a substantial effect on smaller companies yet, as Facebook claims. Customers invest hours in the Facebook’s app and have large amounts of personal details at their disposal.

In the long run, it is more important to be prepared. Consider if you should use various marketing tactics to diversify your businesses. In our company, we use Pinterest, Google, and LinkedIn Advertisements.

Having your whole company dependent on one platform for revenue is very risky. On top of that, of course, costs will influence this. If you’re just using Facebook advertising, be sure to leverage your captured audience through Facebook to build lookalike audiences. Or even just interacting with the people who like your page to continue sales growth. 

Regardless of these modifications, we agree that this would only have a minimal effect on the portfolio but still have a perfect chance to diversify.

To see how we will adapt the current company to the modern era, speak with a marketing team member today!




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