A blog post’s word count vs its content value: How long should it be for SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) word count is hot within the digital industry. We have to constantly shift gears to succeed on the first page of Google. Some believe that there is an ongoing debate about how much weight word count has when it comes to the ranking of content, rather than usability, the quality of information, and the overall goal of the material. So, coming back to the question- is there the perfect word count for your blog posts?


As of today, how long should a blog post be in 2021?

In other words, long blog posts and articles have a more significant impact on Google’s perception of your website’s authority. When responding to a user’s search query, it’s essential to provide as much information as possible to help with their decision. But, is there such thing as ‘the best word count for SEO’?  No, it can’t be. On the other hand, though, the length of your content is believed to be a significant contributing factor in helping your blog post rank in the first position (or even a featured snippet). While your SEO word count is important, it is not the only element that works in tandem with your other important attributes to give you validation from Google.


There is a big difference between how users and Google regard quality and usefulness.

When writing for SEO purposes, your word count should play an essential role in your overall content strategy. Still, it would help if you also considered how your content would benefit both Google and your target audience or how your content will benefit a real person. SEO content writing is characterised by a balance of pleasing Google and providing the user with exactly what they want. When it comes to SEO, the number of words you use is based on how much copy you believe is required to help, guide, or inform a user about a particular topic. Your users should be able to feel a sense of accomplishment after reading your content, having gained what you want them to get when they initially perform a search. To estimate the best word count for SEO, all you need to do is write as many words as necessary to address the topic thoroughly. Tasks requiring greater depth and complexity may require longer word counts, whereas those requiring greater directness can be shorter. Google perceives your content as valuable if your copy is well written, easy to digest, and effective in helping users find relevant results to their search query.


When should a blog post end?

As the saying goes, a blog post or piece of content can be too long. Unless you’re writing with the explicit goal of hitting a specific word count, your content is more likely to be less effective for your target users. Every word must have a purpose that yields a benefit. Additionally, making your article too long could cause you to bring in numerous other concepts that aren’t relevant to the main point. If your keyword strategy becomes too broad, this can skew Google’s idea of what the copy is about. Instead, the number of keywords you include in your copy should be aligned with the copy’s intent. For instance, is it transaction-based or informative? Determining your voice and writing style will aid your search results.


A Final Round-Up: Is the Word Count of a Site’s SEO that Important?

Always remember that there is no perfect word count for SEO. It is required to discuss the topic in full detail; a longer word count can be more beneficial. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a long SEO keyword count always wins. It is important to design an SEO content strategy that centres on meeting a user’s needs and resolving their issue. The primary focus should be on attracting and retaining traffic for your website and providing top-notch content to your target audience.

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